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Sometimes customers report data integrity issues, which are actually problems related to customization, chosen preferences or the misinterpretation of data as shown by Quicken. Mostly, the issue is not with data integrity. Therefore, before the customers try to troubleshoot data integrity problems. they should check the changes they have made to settings and customization and make sure that they are correct.

The common causes behind data integrity are abruptly shutting down the computer, power outage, hardware issues, or system errors.  while accessing data that is stored in external Storage Devices. A data file with problems can have issues.  such as wrong numbers or categories related to the reports even.  when the settings are correct, absence of report dates, no categories or tags, inability to categories split transactions, inability to restore backup data files.

Resolve this problem is to restore a backup

The easiest way to resolve this problem is to restore a backup Quicken data file that was created before the end are issues occurred. Also, you must make sure that you are using the latest updated version of Quicken. To start with the troubleshooting task.  you should first allow transactions that are queued in the compared to register, before validating such transaction.

The tab to download transaction is located down below on the account register you are accessing. If you have transactions that need approval you can click on this tab. Now, on the menu bar select file and then true file operations. After this you have to opt for Validate & Repair.

Once you find the file you want to validate you have to take mark the walk opposite ‘validate file’. If you are facing problems with your investment-related data.  you can choose ‘rebuild investing lots’ and do away with the history of investing price. Now you have to click OK.

If there are problems within the file, the validate utility rarely did the problems and provide a report in data_log in Notepad which will show the parts of the file that for repaired. A backup of this file will be saved by Quicken before it is validated. In the file damaged and cannot be repaired you will get the message “Damaged data block”.

To get more information and help you can contact.  Quicken Customer Support team and get meaningful solutions to overcome myriad of quick and related problems.


Often, customers make mistakes in diagnosing the root cause of the problem and that is when one should get in touch. with Quicken Issues team so that they can get accurate solutions and overcome the problem in the shortest possible time.